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Personal Branding

One of my co-workers found this video and shared it in our sales meeting this morning. I laughed all the way through it! And everyone else did too!

Then the fun started…. All day long my co-workers would say “Tom Burns” in a funny voice as they passed me on the sales floor. Some of them have android or iphones, so with “hand in pocket” they would be standing near me and press “play” on the video and I would start hearing my name!

Of course, as soon as the meeting ended I immediately posted the video to twitter, facebook, and linkedin, and e-mailed it to my family!

What a great way to help people remember you! Can you think of ways you might use such a video?


I’m working on adding video to my blog. This is a recent demonstration of using clear ice in your drinks. https://twitter.com/nashvillesmart/status/91585822276587521 Stop by the A-1 Appliance showroom to see my next demonstration—-boiling ice on the magnetic induction cooktop! I really … Continue reading