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What’s Inside?

I was reading an observation this morning about what we see as we pass most businesses and it triggered today’s post.  Think about your own experiences.  As you walk down a busy street, what do you observe?  You may pass a restaurant with tables on a street side patio or see a menu board standing in front of the entry.  Each view gives you a different sense of what this restaurant is all about.  Continuing down the street, you may pass a bank with revolving glass doors and a large sign on the top of the building….very little information here!  Next on the block is a retail store.  Most have very large display windows showing you what to expect if you come in.  Finally you pass a street vendor selling lunch.  You can see the preparation and smell the food.  You can observe others enjoying the food, and you can see the menu with prices posted….LOTS of information here!  I think I might like to stop here and have lunch!

Now shift to the virtual world of the internet or a particular website.  The experience can be very similar.  You might begin with a google search and simply find a listing of possible sites to visit.  As you continue, you may browse a particular site…..nothing much to see here…meh…on to the next virtual storefront.  Suddenly you come upon bright colors, movement, links to reviews, and sale signs with lots of pictures.  That’s pretty inviting….I think I’ll go in here, since I have a pretty good idea of what I will find inside.  I might want to buy what I’m looking for here!  

So I want to invite you to my storefront.  We have a lot going on at A-1 Appliance!  You can always find me near the big sign…. (usually parked on the ground)


When you come inside, you might find me cooking! 


We have amazing kitchen displays throughout the showroom!


When you need help with your next appliance purchase:


And when you need LOTS of information, you can visit our website at http://www.a1appliance.com or our blog at http://www.a1applianceideas.com

But wait, there’s more….we’re on twitter too!  You can find us   or me @nashvillesmart.  Come on over, we have a deal for you!  We create “Appliance Happiness”



Tom Burns invites you to “See What’s Inside” at A-1 Appliance, where I sell things essential to life as we know it….



What Riverboat?


Steamboat (Photo credit: Centre College Special Collections)

This morning I heard a great analogy about the down side of social media.  Suppose you are standing by the Mississippi River and see a beautiful steamboat go by….you think to yourself, “how awesome, I need to find out more about steamboats!”  

Ten minutes later a friend walks by and says, “What steamboat?”

Social media is similar in that new information is constantly going downstream.  If you happen to be looking at the right time, you will see something interesting, but 10 minutes later the stream has moved on to new sights and sounds.

So this brings up the question: “How do you keep your information visible long enough so that more than one lucky person happens to see it as it goes drifting by?

My guess is that if you produce solid, searchable content it will be found and seen by those who need it.

So, go build an awesome steamboat, but while you are at it, publish detailed diagrams about how to build it, complete instructions on how to operate it, and maybe a description of the 10 best steamboats of all time!  I’ll bet a lot more people will see that steamboat!

By Tom Burns, Seller of things essential to life as we know it….


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