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  • Persistence is the key to invention
  • Persistence leads to success
  • Persistence will find a way
  • Persistence finds a light in the dark
  • Persistence says yes when others say no
  • Persistence struggles to learn something new
  • Persistence builds when others tear down
  • Persistence rejects sarcasm, criticism, and negativity
  • Persistence has a vision…sees the path…and reaches for the goal

By Tom Burns, Seller of things essential to life as we know it….



Professional Goals 2013

A recent survey by Linkedin found that the #1 goal listed for 2013 was “Professional Development Through Learning New Skills.”  It was closely followed by #2 “Network More/Build More Professional Relationships.”

I think both can be accomplished by joining the right networking group!

For those reading this in the Nashville, TN area, I suggest The Business Referral Network


The general website explains the mission and goals of the organization.  


For a specific example of how a chapter works, please visit one of our facebook pages:


Can we help you accomplish your goals for 2013?  

By Tom Burns, Seller of things essential to life as we know it….



Waiting is NOT a solution!  It is a delay, an excuse, an unrecognized anxiety, a defense mechanism….call it what you will, it does nothing for your career, your happiness, or those New Year’s Resolutions you just made!

“I’m too tired…I’ll do it tomorrow.”  “I don’t know how to do that so I’ll wait until I have time to research it.”  “I can’t afford it right now….guess I’ll have to wait.”   Add your excuse here:__________________

(And I’m saying to myself at the end of this post…”I can’t write this blog, no one will read it.”  
“Why am I writing this…will it help anyone?” and I am inserting these lines as an edit”  See–I have the same doubts, fears, and anxiety….I would prefer to wait for a better blog topic!)


I think that many of you reading this post have dreams, goals, or business plans that are hidden deep inside, safe from ridicule or failure.  It’s time to dust them off, share them with someone, and take the first small steps toward your goal.  

I think it’s unfortunate that we live in an “instant satisfaction” society.  We have become accustomed to fast food, high speed internet, movies on demand…..everything faster and faster.  Now that you have decided to stop waiting, don’t be discouraged that success is not delivered via a drive-thru window!  

DO THE WORK!  One small step at a time.  Accept frustration and failure….it proves you are working and learning.  When you can say with confidence, “well, that didn’t work!” you are one step closer to saying, “finally, I found the solution!”  

Go on….get started right now!

By Tom Burns, Seller of things essential to life as we know it…


New Year’s Resolutions and Accountability

New Year’s Resolutions….we all make them, we rarely keep them.  

Would you like a little help this year?  The best way to set a goal and achieve the goal is to share it with someone!  The result?  Your friend is going to ask you about your goal….. and you will be embarassed if you can’t share progress!  TaDaa….built in accountability!

But how often will you see your friend that you have shared this most important resolution with?

Will you avoid the unpleasant conversation, or will you embrace the opportunity?

I would like to offer a solution to my readers in the Nashville, TN area.  Every week, various chapters of the Business Referral Network (BRN) meet at various locations to share business leads, to share success stories and learn from each other, and to inspire, and be inspired, by the group.

The general website will give you more information:  http://www.joinbrn.com

My particular chapter can be found at http://www/facebook.com/BRNBelleMeade

We would very much like to hear your New Year’s Resolution!  We can help you succeed in 2013.

Our chapters meet weekly, and for a mere $15 per month, you can be a member of an outstanding organization dedicated to the success of passionate business builders like YOU!  

I hope you will visit our facebook page, “like” us, and plan to visit us on Tuesday morning!


By Tom Burns, Seller of things essential to life as we know it….