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Life in a Fishbowl

In anticipation of Earth Day tomorrow I wanted to share a brief thought with you on the subject,  in the hope that a mental image will convey the importance of keeping our fragile planet clean.

Picture in  your mind a goldfish bowl.  It has been neglected and the water has become polluted.  Debris is floating on the surface, along with a dead fish.  Algae has grown on the glass, making it hard to see through the water.  The smell is bad, and there is nothing to do but throw it out.

The image is powerful and poignant.  It is a microscopic version of our planet.  We fail to see the tragedy in the fish bowl before it is too late, just as we are failing to see the tragedy unfolding all over the earth.

Most of you reading this live in areas that are clear enough that there is no sense of imminent danger.  The sky is blue on a sunny day, the air smells fresh, and a gentle wind blows.  But occasionally, and unfortunately too often, there is an air quality alert.  “Stay indoors if you have certain health conditions.”  Some of you reading this may live in industrial areas or large metropolitan areas where smog has become a frequent problem.  For other parts of the world, particularly China and India, the pollution is overwhelming and people are dying, just like the fish in the goldfish bowl.

We are trapped in our own filth and we refuse to see the consequences of our own actions!

It is my hope that the intense focus of the media on global warming, and the celebration  (if you can call it a celebration) of Earth Day, will not be ignored.  Open your eyes, if you can bear the sting, and see the building danger.  It won’t be corrected by governments around the world or the decisions of major corporations, it will be corrected one person at a time.  The decisions you make today concerning water and energy conservation will have far-reaching consequences.  If you believe “someone else” will take care of it, you are sadly mistaken!

Every day I try to make a difference, one home at a time.  I sell Energy Star appliances, using far less energy that before, along with washing machines and dishwashers that use a fraction of the water used in previous years.  I drive a smart car that is far more fuel efficient than my previous SUV, and the vast majority of the parts it is made of are recyclable.  But there is more that each one of us can do, step by step, to reduce the pollution of our world.

Will you start today?  Come and see me at A-1 Appliance where I can show you some great solutions for your home.  I’m anxious to help!NachoA-1_2

Thought for the day, by Tom Burns, Seller of things essential to life as we know it…. You can connect with me at http://www.kimtag.com/nashvillesmart