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Just for fun!

Sometimes we see or hear something that is so funny we just have to share it!  I want to introduce you to LilaBelle the Dog!  Here is her facebook page:LilaBelle the Dog


LilaBelle got into the trash can today….the kind with a swinging lid.  When she backed out, the lid stayed on her until the family came home!  Too funny!

Please visit LilaBelle’s facebook page and “Like” her…it would mean the world to her, and would sure surprise her family to see so many “likes” suddenly appear!

Does your dog have a facebook page?  Share it with us so we can see your best friend too!

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The dogs

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Why can’t we all be more like puppies?  To a puppy, there are no strangers….everyone gets a wagging tail.  Everything is exciting, everything has the potential to become a toy, and everything must be explored!  And riding in the car is AWESOME!

But when we get older, we tend to forget these childlike tendencies.  We become suspicious of strangers.  We lose our sense of adventure and playfulness. ….and a commute in the car is TORTURE!

What can you do today to be more like a puppy?  Try it…..i’m sure it’s a LOT MORE FUN!

By the way, I hope you can stop by A-1 Appliance.  We are a fun group of people, and puppies are welcome!