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Thought For The Day

This wall plaque hung in the kitchen of my childhood home.  It is one of several treasures now on display in my  home.  It is interesting to think about the things that shape our lives. What are some of the treasures you still have from your childhood?  What treasures are you giving your children today that will be important to them in the future?




An Important Life Lesson



Asking questions

Portrait of Socrates. Marble, Roman artwork (1...

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Why don’t adults ask questions?  Next time you are around children, notice that all they do is ask questions, and quite often it is “why?”.  They don’t accept “because I said so” as an answer….so why do you?

I’m reading a great book right now by Christopher Phillips called Socrates Cafe.  I highly recommend it.  It is a book about asking questions. I found it to be a very thought-provoking book.  Pick up a copy at your local library.

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