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The Daily Discipline of Writing

The internet is full of advice for bloggers!  Many would advise against blogging daily…..(I don’t know why you shouldn’t, except that it’s hard to do…).  But I can tell you that staring at the flashing cursor on your screen won’t get the job done! Thoughts are fleeting, inspiration comes and goes, and time flies by….and words you meant to record are forgotten.  I can think of no better reason than this to recommend the daily discipline of writing.

I also think that the daily discipline of writing is a metaphor for the work of living.  A very famous writer once said,

All the world’s a stageAnd all the men and women merely players;They have their exits and their entrances; — William ShakespeareAs You Like It,

At the end of the day can you say what you performed on the stage of life?  Can evidence be found a day, a week, or a year later?….or will all be forgotten?  It’s not always necessary to share your thoughts with the world,  but to write it with clarity of thought is a worthy discipline!

So from one blogger to the millions of bloggers out there I say, “Thank you for sharing your thoughts and  inspiration!  Keep on writing as you keep on living…..one step at a time!”

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Cooking is an Art!

I found this quote recently.  If you love a great kitchen and good food, you’ll love it too!


Cooking is an art and patience a virtue… Careful shopping, fresh ingredients and an unhurried approach are nearly all you need. There is one more thing – love. Love for food and love for those you invite to your table. With a combination of these things you can be an artist – not perhaps in the representational style of a Dutch master, but rather more like Gauguin, the naïve, or Van Gogh, the impressionist. Plates or pictures of sunshine taste of happiness and love.”
~ Keith Floyd – a British chef and television personality who hosted numerous cooking shows for the BBC

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By Tom Burns, Seller of things essential to life as we know it…



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Splat! …An Allegory.


There you go…your project made an ugly mess on the floor!  (The visual is so good you can almost hear it go… splat!)  What do you do next?  You might be discouraged, but there are options.  

For one thing, you have discovered one more way to fail.  You don’t have to do that again!

But wait….who said it’s an ugly mess?  Maybe you just need to add more colors, or connect the dots, or find another splat to join you!  Maybe you need to let it dry, and hang it on the wall for about a year….the change of perspective might give you new ideas!

Maybe you need a bigger paint brush, and a bigger canvas, and invite more people to paint with you!

Won’t those nay-sayers be surprised when you succeed!

Now go on and make a jolly good mess!

By Tom Burns, Seller of things essential to life as we know it….