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A Light Bulb Story

Last night I turned a lamp on and the light bulb was burned out!  This morning, I turned on a ceiling light and noticed a burned out bulb.  As I was looking at it, a second bulb went out….ARGH!  I got out my last package of incandescent bulbs, (which by the way I bought because the package said Double Life), and quickly replaced both bulbs….then it was off to the grocery to look for better light bulbs!

There really is a story here…..wait for it…..

So I’m browsing half an aisle filled with every variety and brand of bulb known to man, from $1.99 for a pack of 4 up to $32.00 for a single bulb!  Oh my…. so I start reading labels.  Every package I picked up said “Long Life” or “Lasts up to 7 Years” and every package had a different number for lumens and watts used.  Could it get any more confusing?  I just want my reading lamp to work and my dining room to be lit!  And I get really tired of changing light bulbs so frequently!    As I continued carefully reading labels, one line kept repeating on every package  in relation to how long I could expect the bulb to last….“based on 3 hours of use per day.”   ( Ah, so there’s the kicker!  If you dare to use it longer than 3 hours per day, it won’t last as long as the BOLD PRINT on the package says it will!

“Deceitful Advertising” I shout to myself!  “Can’t anyone invent a decent light bulb” I wonder to myself.  So I walk out of the store without buying any more bulbs right now.  The little voice in my head said, “maybe the bulbs I just replaced will last longer this time…”  sigh!

So here is where I continue the story….I sell appliances.  Every day people just like me walk into the showroom and tell me that they just want to buy something reliable!  We’ll use a washing machine for our example.  Just as I experienced in the grocery store with half an aisle of choices, the entire front section of our showroom is filled with washers….standard top loading, high efficiency top loading, front loading, small…medium….large, from $399 or less to $1299 or more!  Oh my….and so the process repeats.  A few days ago, I had a guest whose first comment was, “I don’t want brand X….I’ve only had mine for 4 years and it’s already broken!”  As we talked, I discovered that she had 4 children and used the machine daily…sometimes  doing 3 loads in a day!  So here is the appliance kicker…..most advertising concerning how much money you can save using this or that washer is based on 7 loads per week.  (she was doing nearly that much every two days!)  Notice, that does not say how long the machine will last….only how much money you can save in water, detergent, and electricity.

So now we get to the expectation versus reality part of this story!  Our expectations are based on rosy memories.  When we were young  and single, we did one load per week (at the laundromat).  Before we had children, we might have done two to three loads per week….wow, those machines from years ago must have been built a lot better than they are today, because they sure lasted a lot longer!!!  (or so it seemed)

But wait….there’s more!  Now, the same type of machine, with just a few “bells and whistles” added, is being used multiple times per day.  Same number of uses, just compressed in a shorter period of time!

Now I’m thinking about my light bulb problem….and calculate how many hours per day I use that dining room light.  Turns out that it’s on about 14 hours per day….significantly longer than the 3 hours per day stated on the packages!

Could this apply to appliances too?  Yes, absolutely!  Any machine, (or light bulb) put under extreme or heavy use will wear out sooner!

So when you tell me you “just want something reliable,” I might ask you about how the machine will be used.  How many in your family?  How often is it used?  I’m not being nosy, I’m just trying to guide you to the best washing machine to meet the needs of your family!

That’s what I do at A-1 Appliance every day.  My name is Tom Burns, and I sell things essential to life as we know it….  Connect with me at http://www.kimtag.com/nashvillesmarttom

By the way, stop by our Nashville showroom…we’ve converted a large section to LED lighting….we are saving a lot of money, and it looks really great!


The Water Shortage Is Real!

Should you be concerned about a water shortage in America?  Absolutely!  You may have personally experienced a severe drought in recent years, with water rationing in your city!  As our population continues to grow, the problem will only get worse.

So what can you do to reduce your use of water?  I would like to suggest that you consider replacing your old washing machine with a high-efficiency top loading washer or a front-loading washer.  For example, you can see the Maytag Bravos washer at A-1 Appliance  http://www.a1appliance.coma1logo(1)


  • Select washers with the PowerWash™ system offer the Best Cleaning in the industry*
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified & HE washers can use up to 70% less water & 66% less energy**
  • Save over $3,000 in lifetime water & energy costs with a Bravos XL™ laundry pair.***
  • Medium to extra large capacities
  • Low-profile impeller is powerful for deep cleaning and more gentle than an agitator
  • Includes the Bravos X™, Bravos XL™, and Centennial™ HE laundry pairs

Here is a great example of  a front-loading washer by Electrolux that you can see at A-1 Appliance:



On Sale NOW at A-1 Appliance Nashville!
Shown with optional pedestal drawer.



leanest Front-Load Wash¹

Our front-load washer offers exclusive technology that gets your clothes the cleanest.

Fastest Wash Time²
15 minutes to wash.

ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient
Rated ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient, our washers are eco-friendly: up to 161% more energy-efficient³ and use 66% less water4.

Sure-2-Fit® Capacity Washer
Wash more in one load with our large capacity washer.

ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient
Recognized as the Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR® in 2012.

“Add Steam” Option

Perfect Steam™ Washer
Add steam to select wash cycles to gently deep clean clothes for better stain removal and fewer wrinkles. The “Add Steam” option can be used with select cycles like Normal, Whites and Fast.

Gentle on the environment and your clothes. Washers are 75% more energy efficient5 and use 56% less water.6

Perfect Balance® System
No other washer has less vibration.7 State-of-the-art technology keeps even oversized wash loads balanced for smooth, quiet operation. Perfect for installation upstairs – even near bedrooms.

“My Favorite” Setting
A setting you can customize to meet your needs, so the option you want is available at the touch of a button.

Platinum® Star Warranty
Guaranteed performance provides peace of mind and service from our national network of authorized independent service professionals.

Still not sure water is a problem?  Continue reading below for some startling statistics!

From Business Insider:

15 Depressing Facts About The Coming Water Crisis

Gus Lubin | Mar. 22, 2010, 11:26 AM | 252,091 | 42
Americans care very little about water, because for most of our history water has been abundant and good. But problems with infrastructure and supply are growing. Globally, the water crisis is much worse.We are fast approaching a world in which the most hotly-contested resource for development and survival is not oil, but water.This is also why investors have become crazy about it, pouring huge money into water rights, desalinization, and purification projects.

15 Facts About The Coming Water Crisis >

America must spend $255 billion in the next five years to prevent deterioration of water infrastructure. We plan to spend half that amount.

Parts of America use up to 80% of their available freshwater resources. (That means a slight drought or increase in usage will cause a WATER SHORTAGE.)

Parts of America use up to 80% of their available freshwater resources. (That means a slight drought or increase in usage will cause a WATER SHORTAGE.)

Source: UNESCO

Californians look forward to a fourth straight year of serious drought.

Californians look forward to a fourth straight year of serious drought.

Source: California

Transporting water is impractical, even within the U.S. Just look at the cost of bottled water.

Transporting water is impractical, even within the U.S. Just look at the cost of bottled water.

A few exceptions to the economic limits on transporting water exist. Bottled water, for example, is sometimes consumed vast distances from where it was produced because it commands a premium far above normal costs. Growth in bottled water consumption may expand in some markets, but overall, long-distance transfers of bulk water are not likely to become a significant export in commercial markets.

Source: Pacific Institute

Globally, 1.2 billion people live in areas with inadequate water supply.

1.6 billion live in areas where there is water, but they can’t afford to drink it.

Water use is increasing much faster than population.

Global water demands will increase by 40% in the next ten years.

By 2025, two-thirds of the world will live under conditions of water scarcity.

Two-thirds of the cities in China suffer from water shortages. Clean water is even more rare.

India WILL run out of water in the near future.

“A shortage of water resources could spell increased conflicts in the future. Population growth will make the problem worse. So will climate change. As the global economy grows, so will its thirst. Many more conflicts lie just over the horizon.” — Ban Ki-Moon

"A shortage of water resources could spell increased conflicts in the future. Population growth will make the problem worse. So will climate change. As the global economy grows, so will its thirst. Many more conflicts lie just over the horizon." -- Ban Ki-Moon

Source: Global Policy

MENA maintains water supplies through expensive and non-renewable sources.

MENA maintains water supplies through expensive and non-renewable sources.

Source: UNESCO

Desalination is only practical for small countries with extreme wealth. Saudi Arabia accounts for 25% of the world’s use.

Green tech may provide a way past peak oil. There is no escape from peak water.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/15-facts-about-the-coming-water-crisis-2010-3?op=1#ixzz2MRnysIpI

You can do your part today by choosing water and energy efficient appliances.  Contact Tom Burns for more information today!  You can find contact information at http://www.kimtag.com/nashvillesmartphone1_1-scaled5001

Wondering About High Efficiency Washers?

Here is a fun way to discover how the new GE High Efficiency washer works for you…. Have fun….


Ask for Tom Burns when you visit the A-1 Appliance Showroom in Nashville!  Learn more about our products at http://www.a1appliance.com and connect with me at http://www.kimtag.com/nashvillesmart

Vitamins, Minerals, and Rest

A day in the life of the average worker….. (insert your life here)

Would you agree that most of us live a pretty unhealthy life?  A breakfast of doughnuts and coffee leads to jitters and mid-morning hunger or headaches.  Break-time means more coffee and a candy bar.  Lunch is all about convenience!        More sugar, salt, and fat….plus a calorie count higher than consumed by most athletes…is the average fast-food lunch.  And forget about drinking enough water!

Do you feel exhausted by mid-afternoon?  So, I’m sure most of you rush from work to the nearest gym for a good work-out …. or do you visit the gym before work….NOT!  Instead, we stay up too late watching TV and eating more unhealthy food, go to bed with indigestion and sleep poorly, and wake up feeling horrible.  We leave for work too late, drive too fast while eating that doughnut or breakfast drive-thru food, all the while risking our lives and the lives of others sharing the road.  Seriously, is this a good plan?

I’m not trying to make everyone feel guilty about their lifestyle, but hoping that my comments will make you stop and think about what you can do to lead a healthier lifestyle!  Otherwise the future looks pretty grim….diabetes, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc.

Here are some healthy breakfast ideas from the Mayo Clinic:  http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/food-and-nutrition/NU00197

How much water should you drink?  Again, from the Mayo Clinic:  http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/water/NU00283

And how about cooking at home for a change.  When you cook, you can be in control of fat, salt, and sugar content.

If you would like help to make your kitchen “home-cooking” friendly, some on down to A-1 Appliance and see me.  I’ll show you the right equipment to make cooking easier, quicker, and healthier for your family.  http://www.a1appliance.com

phone1_1-scaled5001Three Cheers for Vitamins, Minerals, and Rest!

Healthy ideas from Tom Burns, Seller of things essential to life as we know it….






Are You Visible Or Invisible?

Can I trust you?  Who are you?  Where are you?  Who do you work for?  Where can I find out more about your product or service?  These are questions we are all asking!

And I’m asking you….”How do you answer these questions?”  How do you establish credibility and verify your identity?   This man is asking those questions:

I choose to be visible!  I believe people have come to expect transparency and visibility.  If you are invisible, then as far as they are concerned, you don’t exist!

Has privacy ceased to exist?  Of course not!  But the reality is that nearly everything we do is tracked, sold, used for marketing, or searched for by consumers.  People want to read our reviews, see what we like, share in what we know and do 24/7.

I’m reading Daniel Pink’s book “To Sell is Human.”   It’s a good read….I highly recommend it:bookcoverjpeg-e1354078407704I agree with his premise that we are all selling something!  And I believe that being a good salesperson means being visible!   So what will you choose?

Visible….or Invisible?  My name is Tom Burns!  You can find me at http://www.kimtag.com/nashvillesmart  I sell things essential to life as we know it….


Debbie Weaver, star of the hit ABC show The Neighbors, made a profound statement in a recent episode.  She said,  “We can’t change what we are on the outside….we can only change who we are on the inside.”

It seemed like a great life lesson, and important to remember at home and at work.    So the thought for today is this:  “When people look at you, do they see the what or the who?  What can you do today to change that perception?

I’m smiling as I share this thought with you today!   By Tom Burns,  Seller of things essential to life as we know it….

tom Connect with me at http://www.kimtag.com/nashvillesmart

Complete Home Energy Savings Guide

From Energy.Gov, a complete guide to home energy savings.  This guide includes a substantial section on the subject of home appliances.  Did you know that some of the biggest energy hogs in your home are your hot water heater, your refrigerator, and your clothes dryer?  

Click here to find the download link:



When searching for a new home appliance, the price tag is only half of the story.  Part two is the annual operating cost.  If you would like help in calculating your energy savings, bring the old appliance model number to A-1 Appliance and I’ll be glad to help.  You might be amazed at how much we can lower your utility bills!  http://www.a1appliance.com


I am committed to helping you find energy saving solutions for your  home.  Look for my smart car parked UNDER the store sign and you’ll know that I’m in….


or give me a call….


Useful tips from Tom Burns, Seller of things essential to life as we know it…


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How To Make Drinks Taste Better


By Tom Burns, Seller of things essential to life as we know it….


Thought For The Day….












More to think about here than meets the eye!


By Tom Burns, seller of things essential to life as we know it…..


Shopping For Kitchen Appliances

For most people, buying a new kitchen appliance or a washer/dryer is not a frequent experience.  It’s not like choosing a restaurant for lunch today.  A lot is at stake here….You need to feel confident that you can find a good selection of product, that the company is reputable, and that the staff is qualified to meet your needs.  In my humble opinion, A-1 Appliance is your best choice!  (Disclaimer: I have been a member of the sales staff at A-1 Appliance for over 15 years) :)

http://www.a1appliance.com   or our blog at http://www.a1applianceideas.com


We have an incredible selection of appliances in all categories!  You may find inspiration in the Wolf/SubZero Living Kitchen, or in our live Jenn-Air kitchen.

For more ideas, venture upstairs to our Bosch/Thermador gallery, or to our Electrolux kitchen.  On any given day, you may find us baking cookies in our Miele kitchen….yummy, it sure smells good at A-1 Appliance!

Do you need to learn about magnetic induction cooking?  I can show you how with a quick demo!  I love to boil ice….yes, I said ICE.  I put a scoop of ice in the pan, and within 90 seconds I have boiling water!

Not only does A-1 Appliance have a great showroom, we also have an in-house service department.  Do you need to talk with a service technician?  We can do that!  We have our own delivery and installation team.  You may have a very complicated installation issue.  If you need on site assistance in the planning stage…we can do that!  WOW….A-1 Appliance has a great sales staff too.  We offer an educational experience at A-1….we create APPLIANCE HAPPINESS!


By Tom Burns, Seller of things essential to life as we know it…