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We Are All Connected!

James Cameron, in an interview with Oprah, explained the meaning of the Na’vi greeting, “I see you,” from the movie Avatar.  He explained that the greeting means “I understand who you are.”

I think this is a common human desire, but sorely lacking in most business interactions.

In an effort to practice the Na’vi greeting,  I tried an experiment.  A few days prior to a recent networking event, I searched LinkedIn for the names of everyone who had responded with an RSVP and sent each one a note and request to be added to my network.  In a way, it was my way of saying to each one, “I see you,” or “I understand who you are.”  I read each one’s summary, and saw the friends we had in common.  I found it to be a much more beneficial event as a result.

So, the next time you go to a networking event to “see and be seen,”  think of the Na’vi greeting.  It should be, and can be, much more than an exchange of business cards!

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Why Tipping is Important–Six Stories That Will Amaze You!

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, The Invisibles”, I want to share some thoughts on the practice of tipping.  The many people we come into contact with daily–those who make our meals enjoyable, the ones who make our travel pleasant, and the ones who we never see that clean our rooms to make our hotel stay amazing—these people deserve our gratitude and our tips!

I want to highlight the May 2013 issue of Conde Nast Traveler magazine, and the article titled “The Naked Truth–From Guides, Waiters, Maids, Flight Attendants, and More.”

Travel Confidential

Condé Nast Traveler editors worked the jobs of the people in the travel industry who make our trips possible (or at least enjoyable) and learned what it really takes to keep us happy.

What an amazing article!  After reading this article, you will never view these hard-working people in the same way ever again!

The next time someone serves you, say “Thank-You” and really mean it!

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What’s the BIG IDEA? Post YOUR ideas here!

Unless you’re living under a rock, you know that things have definitely changed!  For example, we used to do business with companies that had been established many years ago.  Very old companies  meant trust, reliability, and the belief that they had the products we needed and wanted.  Now one wonders if being an old, established company is a benefit or a liability!

Here’s what I mean…. Doing business “the way it’s always been done” is a good way to go OUT OF BUSINESS!  Change, innovation, creativity, ease of use, the latest invention, the newest trend….companies and individuals that understand this change will be the success stories of today and tomorrow.  Recent history is proof.  Great examples of failure to innovate fast enough can be seen in  publishing and the music industry.

Today a new product or service can be launched 24/7 worldwide by anyone with a computer, and even that has changed in just the last year!  This is the year of the smartphone and tablet.  We are all equipped, around the clock and around the world, to seek out new information, new products, and share new ideas. 

It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time!  Creativity is rewarded and yesterday’s products are boring!  Consumers are asking, “what have you released today?”

So I’m asking today, “What’s the BIG IDEA?”  I think it would be really exciting if everyone reading this blog would share a link in the comments below to the latest big ideas.  What have you discovered today that you would like to share?  What have you created that everyone will be talking about tomorrow?

The opportunities just ahead are incredible!  Can you see them?  Share your comments below, or connect with me at  Today’s thoughts by Tom Burns, Seller of things essential to life as we know it….

Words to Live By….

Great lessons from the Boy Scouts of America!

Boy Scout Law

A Scout is:

  • Trustworthy,
  • Loyal,
  • Helpful,
  • Friendly,
  • Courteous,
  • Kind,
  • Obedient,
  • Cheerful,
  • Thrifty,
  • Brave,
  • Clean,
  • and Reverent.

Boy Scout Motto

Be Prepared!

Boy Scout Slogan

Do a Good Turn Daily!

I  hope you find this post helpful.  I memorized these words many years ago and never forgot them.  Sharing them with you is my good turn for today!  My name is Tom Burns, and you can find me at


“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”aristotle

― Aristotle

Each individual brings value to an organization…something unique!  But when the value of the individual is added to the dynamic of the group, the value of the individual increases.

Does your team work well together?  When you work as a group, does the outcome equal more than the sum of individual contributions?

Imagine how hard it would be to work in a vacuum!  There would be no competition, no learning from each other, no motivation, no “esprit de corps“…commonly known as the morale of the group.

Another way of thinking about Aristotle’s quote is to say that the work of the team is greater than the work of the individual, yet both are necessary for success!

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Business Lessons From Arts & Crafts

Are you “creative” at work?  For an artist or craftsman, the act of making something new motivates every aspect of the work day, and although arts and crafts are very different, they are definitely related.

Art taps into our creative mind.  It leads us to follow a new pathway and try new things.  Craftsmanship is goal oriented and structured.  It leads us down the path of step-by-step procedures to complete a task with a clearly defined goal.

Art forces us to use our imagination, to focus on feelings, and perhaps to really enjoy our work.  Art is passion!  Art begs to be shared!  People talk about art!

Craftsmanship is about problem solving.  It requires knowledge and skill and precision.

Arts and crafts together can teach us about critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and good judgement.

Here is today’s “call-to-action”:  Think like an artist….work like an entrepreneur….succeed in business!

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Do the Work….Appreciate the Workers!

In yesterday’s post, I talked about being a consumer.  But today I want to focus on the other side of the coin…..the worker.  We are all one coin with two sides.  We all work, and we all consume.  How sad that we can’t see both sides of the coin at the same time!

I had a great opportunity today to visit the manufacturing facility of a solid surface countertop fabricator,

The process of cutting, shaping and polishing these huge slabs of granite and quartz is wet, noisy, and dirty.  But the finished product shines like the sun reflected on the water, and is as smooth as glass!  Notice that the craftsmen are wearing raincoats and boots.  Water is constantly sprayed on the slab as it is polished and shaped.  Bare hands constantly rub the surface feeling for rough edges that must be polished.  It sure looks great in the kitchen, but do you think of the workers who mined and shipped the material, and the hands that shaped it with pride?  countertop mfg.

As I was driving to the factory, I noticed men and women on various street corners selling The Contributor, a newspaper published and sold by the homeless, working in the heat and cold to support themselves.  They always wave and smile…..but it’s hard work!  There is no shelter from the  hot sun or the cold wind, but they do the work.

Whatever your place in life, you are both worker and consumer.  As you go through your day, I hope you will think of the other side of the coin, and appreciate the other side,  as you yourself flip from one side to the other.

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What did you do today…Part 2

I would like to recommend a blog article I read today by DANIEL BURRUS.  You can find it here:

He made a very important point in this article...”It is important to understand that you can’t go backward, and you can’t stand still; you can’t rest on your laurels, and you can’t keep doing what you’ve always done and expect to thrive, even if you do your best to keep doing it better. The only way to survive, let alone thrive, is to continuously reinvent and redefine.”

In yesterday’s post, I asked the question, “What did you do today?”  The answer for far too many people is, “the same thing I did yesterday.”

Many people can remember when that pretty well summed up a career.  You could do the same set of tasks  daily for 40 years and then retire with a pension at age 65,  Today that has all changed.   In our rapidly changing world, your product or service may not even exist in 10 years….or less!

I also read today about companies that are proactive (translate successful) and companies that are reactive (translate failing).

So I’m asking the question again today,  “What are you doing today….to get ready for tomorrow?

This article will help you sort through the coming changes:

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The “I Told You So” Moment….

I just read an amazing article in Social Media Examiner!  Here is a link so you can read the entire article:

The research is clear….”The latest findings from Technorati’s 2013 Digital Influence Report show that “consumers are turning to blogs when looking to make a purchase.”  The full report is worth your time to read!

So this is a “shout-out” to all the bloggers out there…..Keep sharing great content!  You have influence!  People are listening and responding!

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Share Book Recommendations, Join Book Clubs, Learn more about your Favorite Books and Share Books with Friends.

Share Book Recommendations, Join Book Clubs, Learn more about your Favorite Books and Share Books with Friends..

This post is a follow-up to yesterday’s post, where I stated that reading makes you a better writer.  Writing clarifies your thoughts, leading you to be a better conversationalist.  Keeping an organized list of books you have read is an important first step.  Click the link above to see how I do it.

Last year Linkedin removed the “Reading List by Amazon” app.  I was able to recover my book list by using “Shelfari” by Amazon.  Find out more by clicking on the link above.
If you love books, tell me about a book that had a major impact on your life!  Mine was Wayne Breitbarth’s Power Formula for Linkedin Success.  Find out more at  Be sure to sign up for his free tips!

Have you written a blog entry about it?  Do it today, and let’s connect!

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