Change by Choice or Change by Necessity?

I hope you have participated in some way today in celebration of Earth Day.  Our challenges are global and difficult, but not impossible to solve.

So many thoughts are screaming to be voiced today, but I want to suggest one thing to ponder…. Do you want to change by choice or change by necessity?

The first option is exciting, innovative, and proactive.  The second choice is purely reactive, and will most certainly be unpleasant.  I have to say that we are already experiencing some of the unpleasant!

The question begs to be asked on many levels… not just concerning the environment.  Change is happening rapidly in all aspects of our lives!  Do you want to be part of the excitement, the innovation, and the proactive creativity?  Or do you want to experience the unpleasant—- the uncertainty, failure, and slow recovery of reacting to the inevitable?

I know what my choice will be!  I’m Tom Burns, Seller of things essential to life as we know it….  You can find me at


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