The Search for Answers….

I blog every day.  The subject usually presents itself from an experience during the day, or perhaps as a result of a news story or event.  Each time something surfaces as the dominant thought of the day, I do a little research on the subject. I usually start with google or google scholar,  but that can take me in many different directions.  I often find myself following a variety of links and digging deeper into the given subject on wikipedia.    I may look at twitter or facebook to see if the subject is trending, and those sites can often lead me in still more directions.  I often end up on MSNBC or CNN.  The tragic event in Boston on Monday has certainly given me a lot of opportunity to search for answers.

I love the subject of anthropology.  I think it is human nature to want to know WHY

But the search for answers goes deeper today.  Our lives have become all about “immediacy.”  We have become so used to faster and faster service that anything  less is considered reason for complaint.  We are connected to the internet 24/7 by our smartphones and tablets, and soon our glasses will even give us all the information we need to navigate our daily lives!  But I would ask the question, “Are more answers necessarily good answers?”  Is the source reliable or is it opinion.  Going back to the horrible bombing event Monday, the major news channels have repeatedly released incorrect information, just to be corrected shortly by the FBI.  But as soon as these incorrect “facts” are released, everyone tweets them into the cloud, making it more and more difficult to discern fact from fiction.

Answers, whether fact or fiction, have a huge impact on our lives!  The economic opinions reported as “news” can have global impact the next day.  We pretend to be rational in our decision-making processes, but we act quite irrationally in reality.  The stock market is a perfect example!

What answers are you searching for today?

My name is Tom Burns.  I search for answers every day, both here on my blog, and at work.  I am a sales professional at A-1 Appliance, where I help people search for ways to make their home more comfortable with new kitchen appliances.  The answers are not always perfectly clear.  The result is based on the constraints of need, want, availability, cost, and available space.  Quite often the opinions of the home builder, general contractor, interior designer, or realtor enter into the equation.  It can get quite confusing…..but I love to help!

You can find lots of appliance answers at A-1 Appliance……and you can find me at (1)tom


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