Reading Creates New Ideas

Are you looking for great book recommendations?


Not only great recommendations, but a place to keep records of the books you have read.  Think you don’t have time to read?  Keep a book at work and read a chapter a day at lunch.  One chapter before bed can be relaxing and help you sleep better.  Wish you could be more creative?  The ideas often come from things you read.

Have you ever listened to an audio book?  It’s an amazing experience.  It uses an entirely different part of the brain and  brings the book to life.  Pressed for time?  Listen to an audio book in the car on the way to and from work.

Today’s tip by Tom Burns….exercise your brain!  Read a book!


One response to “Reading Creates New Ideas

  1. nineteenthirteen

    Advice well given, I enjoy reading just as much as I do writing. There’s little else I like really. Thank you for the websites Tom, definitely going to reference them.

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