It’s Never Too Late!

Throughout the day today I have read or heard a recurring theme...”it’s never too late!”  

I have been inspired by authors, bloggers, news articles, and experiences throughout the day!  It’s never been easier to write a book and self-publish.  You can share your thoughts with the whole world by writing a blog…it just takes courage to share your thoughts!  It’s inspiring that people well past traditional retirement age want to start new companies, run for political office, or write a book!  Who says you can’t build a new home when you’re 70 years old….you might enjoy it for another 30 years!!!

It’s never too late….at the end of the day to have your best sale!  It’s not too late at the end of the quarter to get back into the black!  It’s never too late to say “Thank you!” and make someone’s day better!

Roger Ebert died today.  Right up to the end, he was still inspiring people with an incredible positive attitude!  It’s never too late!  Thank you Roger Ebert!  “See you at the movies!”

My name is Tom Burns, and I was inspired today!



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