“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”aristotle

― Aristotle

Each individual brings value to an organization…something unique!  But when the value of the individual is added to the dynamic of the group, the value of the individual increases.

Does your team work well together?  When you work as a group, does the outcome equal more than the sum of individual contributions?

Imagine how hard it would be to work in a vacuum!  There would be no competition, no learning from each other, no motivation, no “esprit de corps“…commonly known as the morale of the group.

Another way of thinking about Aristotle’s quote is to say that the work of the team is greater than the work of the individual, yet both are necessary for success!

My name is Tom Burns, and I am part of the A-1 Appliance Team!a1logo(1)I am a seller of things essential to life as we know it!  Our team sells, delivers, installs, and services the appliances you depend on daily for a healthy, happy home!phone1 (1)





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