Business Lessons From Arts & Crafts

Are you “creative” at work?  For an artist or craftsman, the act of making something new motivates every aspect of the work day, and although arts and crafts are very different, they are definitely related.

Art taps into our creative mind.  It leads us to follow a new pathway and try new things.  Craftsmanship is goal oriented and structured.  It leads us down the path of step-by-step procedures to complete a task with a clearly defined goal.

Art forces us to use our imagination, to focus on feelings, and perhaps to really enjoy our work.  Art is passion!  Art begs to be shared!  People talk about art!

Craftsmanship is about problem solving.  It requires knowledge and skill and precision.

Arts and crafts together can teach us about critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and good judgement.

Here is today’s “call-to-action”:  Think like an artist….work like an entrepreneur….succeed in business!

Today’s shared thought by Tom Burns, Seller of things essential to life as we know it…..  Contact information at


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