Do the Work….Appreciate the Workers!

In yesterday’s post, I talked about being a consumer.  But today I want to focus on the other side of the coin…..the worker.  We are all one coin with two sides.  We all work, and we all consume.  How sad that we can’t see both sides of the coin at the same time!

I had a great opportunity today to visit the manufacturing facility of a solid surface countertop fabricator,

The process of cutting, shaping and polishing these huge slabs of granite and quartz is wet, noisy, and dirty.  But the finished product shines like the sun reflected on the water, and is as smooth as glass!  Notice that the craftsmen are wearing raincoats and boots.  Water is constantly sprayed on the slab as it is polished and shaped.  Bare hands constantly rub the surface feeling for rough edges that must be polished.  It sure looks great in the kitchen, but do you think of the workers who mined and shipped the material, and the hands that shaped it with pride?  countertop mfg.

As I was driving to the factory, I noticed men and women on various street corners selling The Contributor, a newspaper published and sold by the homeless, working in the heat and cold to support themselves.  They always wave and smile…..but it’s hard work!  There is no shelter from the  hot sun or the cold wind, but they do the work.

Whatever your place in life, you are both worker and consumer.  As you go through your day, I hope you will think of the other side of the coin, and appreciate the other side,  as you yourself flip from one side to the other.

My name is Tom Burns.  I am a worker and a consumer.  I am a seller of things essential to life as we know it…. Find out more at

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