Just for fun!

Sometimes we see or hear something that is so funny we just have to share it!  I want to introduce you to LilaBelle the Dog!  Here is her facebook page:LilaBelle the Dog


LilaBelle got into the trash can today….the kind with a swinging lid.  When she backed out, the lid stayed on her until the family came home!  Too funny!

Please visit LilaBelle’s facebook page and “Like” her…it would mean the world to her, and would sure surprise her family to see so many “likes” suddenly appear!

Does your dog have a facebook page?  Share it with us so we can see your best friend too!

Some fun brought to you today by Tom Burns, Seller of things essential to life as we know it….  Connect with me on facebook, and many other sites via http://www.kimtag.com/nashvillesmart

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