What did you do today?

What did you do today?  Was it useful?  Did you learn something new?  Did it  help your business grow?  Did it improve your life?  Did it improve your SEO?  Did it make you a better blogger?  Add your examples here…..

What if you repeated it again tomorrow? and the next day? and the next day…..for a year, for 10 years?

The bigger question is this:  What if you never repeated it?  

One path is opportunity gained….the other path is opportunity lost!

Look around you for a successful person….someone you admire.  How did they become successful?  …..one step at a time, repeated over and over and over, for a long period of time.

If you don’t start today, then when will you start?  One year from today will still be one year from today!  Will you still be the same, or will you have added 365 days of experience to your resume?

Today’s tip brought to you by Tom Burns, Seller of things essential to life as we know it….. Connect with me at http://www.kimtag.com/nashvillesmart

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