I Have No Room In My Kitchen!

Let’s start with the facts….I sell kitchen appliances at A-1 Appliance.  I usually find inspiration for my daily blog posts while talking to customers or reflecting on something that happened during the day.

I was talking with a couple today while they were looking for a new refrigerator.  As usual, I started by asking some questions about what they needed.  For example, how many in the family.  “It’s just the two of us,” they replied.  So off I went showing fairly standard size refrigerators.  It didn’t take long to realize that they were looking for a much larger capacity refrigerator!  “We want the biggest one you have,” was their comment.

I just thought this was an interesting commentary on the recent trends in kitchen appliances.  Every brand seems to be racing to develop the largest oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine….you name it!  I think it is somewhat in reaction to older kitchens that had very little counter space, not enough cabinet space, and the emerging trend to cook and entertain more at home.  It is a phenomenon that has been defined as “nesting.”

So, if you are looking for BIG IDEAS for your kitchen, I invite you to come by the A-1 Appliance showroom.a1logo(1)  We have MORE of everything! ….More than what you expected.  More trained service technicians to help, more knowledgeable sales professionals, more quality appliance selections, and more solutions for your home.

Any questions?  I would be happy to help you create more room in your kitchen!     My name is Tom Burns, and I sell things that are essential to life as we know it…. phone1 (1)Connect with me on various social media sites at http://www.kimtag.com/nashvillesmart


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