The Shortage Is Here!

I’ve been hearing it all of my life….”There is a shortage of…..”  But as I get older, I realize that shortage can be defined in many ways!  For example,  is there a shortage of:

  1. Time?  This is a very interesting concept.  There is an increasing shortage of time as you age.  When you are 12 years old, a year is 1/12th of your lifetime….but when you are 60, a year is 1/60th of your lifetime.  Now it feels like there is a shortage of time since a year is a much smaller percentage of your lifetime experience!
  2. Money?  Never enough of that!  By nature, we are never satisfied.  The accumulation of money (or things) is part of our genetic evolutionary code and essential to our survival.
  3. Products?  From a business perspective, can supply equal demand?
  4. Staff?  Do we have time and money to produce products that people demand in ever increasing quantities? Can we find qualified people to hire?
  5. Teachers?  See #4 above.  Without good schools and good teachers, we can never hope to have enough qualified employees!
  6. Space? What do we do with all of our accumulated “stuff?” ….or worse, our garbage?
  7. Quiet?  We are surrounded 24/7 by noise, interruption, confusion!  When will we find time to think?  ….to find solutions to coming shortages?
  8. Quality?  Mass production at a faster and faster pace to satisfy growing demand is producing products that wear out sooner.
  9. Quality products?  See #7 and #8.   If we demand higher quality, it must take more time to produce…..but see #1….we have a shortage of time! and see # 4…we need more teachers to educate future generations who will be competent to produce the goods and services we all demand.
  10. Patience?  Everyone in line is pushing and shoving to get their share first.  See #3….we are worried about a shortage of products!
  11. Gasoline (fuel in general)?  Is the shortage real or controlled by invisible market forces?  Unfortunately there is no shortage of panic buying!….which leads to more shortage!
  12. Service providers?  See #4, followed by #9.  Don’t you hate to wait in line?  “Why can’t they hire more people so I can get my products (see #3) faster?”
  13. Satisfaction?  Does anyone listen when I complain?  See #4 above….and cross reference #11 for good measure!

Well, you get the point.  We could carry on with many more examples… about unemployment?  There is certainly a jobs shortage.  What about healthcare?  We already have a shortage of doctors and nurses.   Clean water?  That’s a global crisis!  Clean air….getting worse by the day!  When did you hear the last “air quality alert?”  Tax revenue?  see products and services above.  Oh, and I forgot to mention bees!  Should we be concerned about a shortage of pollination which will have a huge impact on our food supply?

So what’s the answer when it seems that everything is in short supply?  If I had the answer, I wouldn’t be blogging about it…..I’d be an economist!

Depending on where you live in this world, your list of shortages may be vastly different than the ones listed here.  What is the biggest shortage you face in your daily life?  Can you suggest a solution to deal with these shortages?  How do you react when you perceive a shortage?  Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

I hope you will  join the discussion.  I look forward to your comments.

My name is Tom Burns,  and I sell things essential to life as we know it…. (I sure hope we don’t run out of  refrigerators and microwave ovens….life would sure suck without them!)  You can connect with me on various social media sites at


One response to “The Shortage Is Here!

  1. I enjoyed your thoughts! NOW I know why time seems shorter as I age! 🙂

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