Your Work As A “Case Study”

I recently had the great opportunity to work with an amazing Realtor in Brentwood, Tennessee.  She was about to list a home for sale, but the kitchen needed a make-over!  This is one small story in the amazing job she did to make this home a winner in the real estate market.

Here is what we accomplished in the kitchen:

The refrigerator in this kitchen presented a significant problem.  The old refrigerator was full size in a space meant for a counter-depth model.  It stuck out into the kitchen making passage between it and the island difficult.  This kitchen is in a very large home, so capacity was something we didn’t want to sacrifice. Many counter-depth refrigerators are barely over 20 cu.ft. capacity, so we found the solution in the new
Whirlpool Counter-Depth Refrigerator WRS965CIAM!           Here is

why you’ll love it… overall capacity is 25 cu.ft.!

Industry’s Largest Capacity Counter Depth Refrigerator

This model is in a league of its own. The industry’s largest capacity counter depth refrigerator3 is the only counter depth side-by-side model that offers 10 cu. ft. of interior freezer space. Now you can stock up on all your favorite frozen items, like pizzas, frozen yogurt and vegetables.

MicroEdge™ shelves

Store more items on each shelf with the MicroEdge™ shelves. They not only give you 25% more usable shelf space2, they also help contain leaks. With enough strength to hold up to 75 lbs of food, your refrigerator will be ready for whatever you bring home from the grocery store.

In-Door-Ice® Plus ice dispensing system

Get the most out of your freezer with the In-Door-Ice® Plus ice dispensing system. It creates 30% more usable space in the freezer1 and the bin tilts out or can be removed with one hand and placed on the counter to make filling glasses, pitchers and coolers easy.

 Our next task was to find a dishwasher that met the needs of discriminating consumers.  Two features are top-of-mind today….Quiet and excellent cleaning power.  The WDT910SAYM wins on all counts! We chose this dishwasher to meet the needs of a family with children.  The controls are hidden….a big plus when little fingers like to push buttons!  This dishwasher has the most sanitary stainless steel tub with the powerscour option and very quiet operation.  To top it all off, it is Energy-Star qualified!  Here is

why you’ll love it…

Industry’s Most Energy Efficient Dishwashers

Use nearly 1/2 less water and energy2 without compromising performance.

Sensor Cycle

From baked-on casserole dishes to drinking glasses, the Sensor cycle has you covered. It automatically selects the right wash and dry settings for your load by using two separate sensors to measure temperature, soil level and load size once during the prewash and once during the wash cycle. It cleans tough soils 35% better1 while using just the right amount of time, energy and water, helping you have more time to do what you love.

PowerScour™ Option

The PowerScour™ option uses 40 targeted spray jets in a designated wash area to scour away baked on foods and new design features larger jets that deliver two times more coverage to clean even your large pots and pans without soaking or scrubbing. From casserole dishes to pots and pans, clean a wide variety of items simultaneously−all without using an additional drop of water

Next we updated the cooktop and ventilation system with Whirlpool’s 36″ gas cooktop, model GLS3665RS, featuring a 15,000 BTU power burner, two 12,000 BTU power burners, and two 9,000 BTU burners, all on a stainless steel top with a recessed flush grate design.  The powerful downdraft ventilation system is retractable, so there when you need it, invisible when not in use!

Our last challenge was to update the wall oven.  The previous design was a built-in microwave over a single standard bake wall oven in a 27″ cabinet. This large kitchen would not perform well with a single non-convection oven, but we were limited by the 27″ wide cabinet. So we modified the cabinet height to install a double oven with convection.  Again, Whirlpool to the rescue!  Model WOD93EC7AS  features convection in the upper oven, both ovens are self-cleaning with hidden bake elements (a huge benefit when cleaning the interior), and Whirlpool’s latest innovation, a steam clean option!  Now you can clean the oven as often as necessary, using only a small amount of water and low temperatures.  Energy efficient and safe!

why you’ll love it…

AccuBake® Temperature Management System

With the AccuBake® temperature management system, you can now achieve delicious, consistent results every time. This system surrounds food with even temperatures and uses built-in sensors to monitor oven temperature. It even turns on the correct cooking elements to ensure optimal heat and deliver consistent baking, even on multiple racks.

TimeSavor™ Ultra true convection cooking system

Whirlpool brand’s newest convection cooking system delivers exceptional results and faster baking on every rack. TimeSavor™ Ultra true convection uses a rear fan and a third 2,500-watt heating element to distribute heated air more efficiently, so the oven is filled with even heat, cutting roasting time and sealing in flavors and juices.

Rapid Preheat

The Rapid Preheat option preheats the oven 25% faster and saves time and energy. Using all of the range elements and a fan, the oven heats up more quickly and creates the ideal temperature for single rack baking. Now cutting preheat time for your next batch of chocolate chip cookies or apple crisps is easy.

Finally, we moved a countertop- friendly microwave to the coffee bar area, making it convenient to use and out of the way.

You can see all of these great appliances at A-1 Appliance in Nashville, TN

This kitchen is “move-in ready!”  For information on homes for sale in the Brentwood, TN area, contact Prudential Woodmont Realty

5107 Maryland Way

Brentwood, TN 37027  Ask for Janelle Waggener  615-661-7800 and tell her you were sent by Tom Burns, “Seller of things essential to life as we know it….”       You can connect with me at various social media sites via

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