OK, so I’m speaking metaphorically here…but sometimes I would like to hit the “control-alt-delete ” keys.   Are there times you feel this way, too?

We could think of it as “stopping a task.”   Maybe you feel this way about 4:00 p.m. on a Friday afternoon….

Maybe we could think of it in terms of REBOOT, or START OVER!  Maybe that’s why erasers were invented before we had computers.

Are you trying to regain control of your work, your life, a task that isn’t going well?  Then hit the symbolic “control-alt-delete” button.

In computer lingo, maybe it is used to invoke a task manager.  But speaking metaphorically, we could say it is simply asking for help!  (Hey Michael, thanks for being a great manager!)

So next time you feel “stuck in a rut,” be courageous and hit that imaginary “control-alt-delete” button and start over….amazing things could happen!

I’m Tom Burns, and I just re-started my computer!  How about you?  I sell things essential to life as we know it….  connect with me at http://www, (1)


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