How do you decide…

  • What to eat
  • What to wear
  • Where to go
  • Who to ask
  • What to buy
  • When to start
  • Why
  • Should I……  Google it?  Ask a friend? Read a review?
  • Who can I trust?

Who or what influences you the most?  Do you purchase something because it was advertised in a magazine, newspaper ad, or seen on television?  Do you even know why you make most of your daily decisions?  Are you sure it’s your choice, or has the invisible hand of advertising directly influenced your decision?  Were you influenced by social media?

When faced with a significant number of choices, how do you decide on the best course of action?  Food for thought, right?

Every day I help people make decisions that will have a significant impact on their daily life.  I sell kitchen appliances.  Given the enormous number of choices in every appliance category, I have to help people decide what they need and want.  They will live with those decisions every day at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

My task is to listen to the need, offer guidance toward good choices that meet the need, and to be sure that all of the choices have been discovered.

We do this every day at A-1 Appliance in Nashville, TN.  I would be honored to assist you in choosing things that have become essential to life as we know it….. your microwave oven, your dishwasher, your refrigerator, your washer and dryer…..the things we depend on every day to nourish and support our families.

For more information about me, I invite you to visit

For more information about A-1 Appliance, please visit us at  At our website, you can sign up for our newsletter, visit and like our facebook page, and begin the search for the perfect kitchen for you!  I hope you will also visit our blog at

Brought to you by Tom Burns, Seller of things essential to life as we know it….phone1_1-scaled5001

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