The Happiness Project

William James, the famous psychologist, theorized that actions create feelings.Image

He suggested that old theories were incorrect.  We don’t cry because we are sad, rather, we are sad because we cry.  Likewise, I would suggest that we don’t smile because we are happy, but we are happy because we smile!

I want to suggest an experiment at work tomorrow.  As you start your day, force a BIG SMILE!  Hold that smile for about 30 seconds and analyze your feelings.  As you smile, do you notice others around you following your example?  Do you sense that everyone is feeling positive and happy?

Later in the day as you face an important task, lay out your work, sit up very straight, cross your arms in front of you, and look at your work with a look of determination.  Does it make you feel stronger, more capable, and more willing to tackle the project?

At your next face-to-face meeting, sit forward on your seat, hands folded on the table, back straight and eyes forward with a determined expression on your face.  Do you feel “Large and In Charge?”

Try this several times throughout the day.  Create the emotion by first creating the behavior!  Having a tough day?  Try standing up and smiling as you answer the phone. I guarantee the conversation will be much more positive and enjoyable!

I call it “The Happiness Project!”  Share it with your friends and co-workers and tell me how it worked out.  It really is possible to create happiness!

Appliance Happiness


It begins this way with many of our customers.  As you first walk into the A-1 showroom and kitchen gallery you are greeted at the door by a pleasant and experienced appliance professional. Your first impression is that the inventory is vast and the kitchen displays are modern and presented with tasteful style. 
Once our customers realize that we are not high-pressure but instead committed to listening then recommending the best appliance options, a sense of calm and relaxation occurs. It may be the most relaxed feeling you can experience in a retail store.
Close by is an appliance professional that not only guides you to the best choices for your home but also shows you how to save time and money with your purchases. Now you are thinking about how much more you gained just by shopping with A-1. 
It is months later and you are still thrilled when you think about the selection of A-1 appliances that serve you every day in your home. You talked, we listened; we guided, you pondered; you purchased, we delivered and installed; you gained great value, we gained a good friend. And we become a friend that assists you with your appliance needs for life.
Appliance Happiness: improving your home and your life with A-1 Appliance Company’s complete solution of professional sales and service

Happy thoughts by Tom Burns, Seller of things essential to life as we know it….

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