Your Point Of View

I think it must be a law of nature, that for every point of view, there is an equally strong and opposite point of view.  The trouble is that we always think our point of view is right and must prevail.

I’m thinking about this tonight as I watch the President’s State of the Union address.  He certainly made his point of view clear, but immediately after it ended, the opposite point of view filled the screen.  


So who is right?  Can we ever know for sure?

Our world has become a very complicated place….and we are now surrounded by multiple opinions and points of view.  My hope tonight is that we will be more tolerant of those around us. 

Share….Listen…..Consider the flip side of the coin… might change your point of view!

Thoughts as I watch TV, by Tom Burns, Seller of things essential to life as we know it…..

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One response to “Your Point Of View

  1. Love this post, Tom. I think the key is to listen more than we speak. Politicians, pundits and partisans are focused on speaking, but we can’t even start to work together on problems that can only be solved together unless we start with listening to understand. We should also avoid speaking of our opinions as if they are unassailable truths that others would be foolish to disagree with. The real truth is that our country was created to be compatible with a wide range of opinions and beliefs, and that fabric is infinitely stronger than those based on much more narrow range.

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