Complete Home Energy Savings Guide

From Energy.Gov, a complete guide to home energy savings.  This guide includes a substantial section on the subject of home appliances.  Did you know that some of the biggest energy hogs in your home are your hot water heater, your refrigerator, and your clothes dryer?  

Click here to find the download link:  


When searching for a new home appliance, the price tag is only half of the story.  Part two is the annual operating cost.  If you would like help in calculating your energy savings, bring the old appliance model number to A-1 Appliance and I’ll be glad to help.  You might be amazed at how much we can lower your utility bills!


I am committed to helping you find energy saving solutions for your  home.  Look for my smart car parked UNDER the store sign and you’ll know that I’m in….


or give me a call….


Useful tips from Tom Burns, Seller of things essential to life as we know it…

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