You’re A Hero When It Works…

Unfortunately, most of us have a one-sided view of the world….ours!  It’s one of my pet peeves!

But more on that another time.  For now, we’re talking about business.  To a degree, it’s related to our one-sided viewpoint.  We celebrate success, but make fun of failure.  For every one that goes out on a limb, tries something radically new and different, there are a thousand who try and fail.  The reason many stop trying is the fear of ridicule.  How unfortunate that we don’t equally celebrate failure as one more step in the direction of success.  It’s much like the work of a scientist….multitudes of trials, experiments, hypotheses and tests….sometimes a lifetime of study hoping for a breakthrough. But the scientist does not stop when an experiment fails to prove the hypothesis!  It’s on to the next trial.

And so it should be in business.  Everyone loves a victory, But don’t forget about all of the hard workers out there trying something new every day!

Here is a good way to think about it.  A computer “speaks” in ones and zeros.  One=on and Zero=off. We think of things as “working” when they are on, and “not working” when they are off.  But a computer strings many ones and zeros together to operate.  Equating this to business, we might say success=on and failure=off, but when we put many of these together, we form the “code for success.”  Both are necessary!  

So I challenge you to go out on a limb…..imagine what could happen if….and just do it!  …and if that fails, do it again!  What will you try today?

Thoughts by Tom Burns, Seller of things essential to life as we know it….


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