Speed Up….Or Slow Down?

As I was driving home tonight in “race track” traffic, I was thinking of the fast pace of life.

I had an early morning breakfast meeting at 7:30 (WOW….there is a LOT of traffic very early in the morning), followed by a very full day….(I went to lunch at 3:15)….followed by an after-work birthday party.  It’s 9:00 P.M. now and I’ve finished reading and responding to my e-mail and started writing my blog.

I think this describes most people.  For many it is further complicated (blessed) by children.  Hurry up and get everyone out of the house to school and work on time, followed by the rush of after school activities and being sure the homework gets done….and a thousand other things!  

If we could only go faster…..  but who says we have to continue at this pace?  Have you ever stopped to think about who and what has influenced you to do the things you do every day?  We are surrounded by invisible forces of politics, advertising, social media, peer pressure, magazines and tabloids screaming at us, urging us to be more productive, to buy more things, to look and feel better…but hurry, the sale ends tomorrow at midnight!  Don’t you start to think it will be total disaster if you don’t get everything done?  Even as I sit here watching the blinking cursor, I feel like I have to hurry up and finish this thought!  

 Just sayin’…..  Do we dare slow down? 

Thoughts by Tom Burns, Seller of things essential to life as we know it….                                        



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