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Wondering About High Efficiency Washers?

Here is a fun way to discover how the new GE High Efficiency washer works for you…. Have fun….

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What is a BTU?

If you like to cook, no doubt you have heard the term “BTU” or British Thermal Unit.  So why is it important to know about BTU’s when cooking with gas?  Without getting technical, it has to do with the amount of heat produced by the burner.  A very high BTU, say 18,000 BTU’s, will boil water very fast!

Likewise, you’ve seen the term “simmer” in many recipes.  To simmer means to cook for a period of time just under the boiling point.  This is often described in terms of BTU’s…say anywhere from 300 to 1000 BTU’s.  Gas appliance manufacturers achieve a simmer in various ways.  The important point to remember is that both extremes are important in cooking.  You can learn more about the benefits of cooking with gas at

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Static or Dynamic?

Static:  From

  1. pertaining to or characterized by a fixed or stationary condition.

    showing little or no change: a static concept; a static relationship.

  2. lacking movement, development, or vitality.
Dynamic:  From
  1.  pertaining to or characterized by energy or effective action;
  2. vigorously active or forceful; energetic
Which word best defines you at this moment?  If you answered “Static“, what are you doing to move your life to “Dynamic!” ?
Don’t wait, START RIGHT NOW!  Don’t stand still….MOVE FORWARD!  FULL SPEED AHEAD!
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How do you decide…

  • What to eat
  • What to wear
  • Where to go
  • Who to ask
  • What to buy
  • When to start
  • Why
  • Should I……  Google it?  Ask a friend? Read a review?
  • Who can I trust?

Who or what influences you the most?  Do you purchase something because it was advertised in a magazine, newspaper ad, or seen on television?  Do you even know why you make most of your daily decisions?  Are you sure it’s your choice, or has the invisible hand of advertising directly influenced your decision?  Were you influenced by social media?

When faced with a significant number of choices, how do you decide on the best course of action?  Food for thought, right?

Every day I help people make decisions that will have a significant impact on their daily life.  I sell kitchen appliances.  Given the enormous number of choices in every appliance category, I have to help people decide what they need and want.  They will live with those decisions every day at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

My task is to listen to the need, offer guidance toward good choices that meet the need, and to be sure that all of the choices have been discovered.

We do this every day at A-1 Appliance in Nashville, TN.  I would be honored to assist you in choosing things that have become essential to life as we know it….. your microwave oven, your dishwasher, your refrigerator, your washer and dryer…..the things we depend on every day to nourish and support our families.

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Share Book Recommendations, Join Book Clubs, Learn more about your Favorite Books and Share Books with Friends.

Share Book Recommendations, Join Book Clubs, Learn more about your Favorite Books and Share Books with Friends..

This post is a follow-up to yesterday’s post, where I stated that reading makes you a better writer.  Writing clarifies your thoughts, leading you to be a better conversationalist.  Keeping an organized list of books you have read is an important first step.  Click the link above to see how I do it.

Last year Linkedin removed the “Reading List by Amazon” app.  I was able to recover my book list by using “Shelfari” by Amazon.  Find out more by clicking on the link above.
If you love books, tell me about a book that had a major impact on your life!  Mine was Wayne Breitbarth’s Power Formula for Linkedin Success.  Find out more at  Be sure to sign up for his free tips!

Have you written a blog entry about it?  Do it today, and let’s connect!

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Daily Learning Goals

What did you learn today?  Was it accidental or intentional?  Can you state what you learned today clearly enough so that someone else can learn it too?

What steps can you take to learn something new every day?

I decided to write a blog every day.  The benefits are incredible.  This decision has forced me to become more observant, knowing that I am constantly on the lookout for blog topics.  It has forced me to become more thoughtful as I sit down each evening to write.  The decision to write every day has made me a better reader too.    I read for content, but now I read for style as well.  And writing helps me organize my thoughts.

The benefits go beyond better writing.  A good reader is a good writer is a good conversationalist!

Today’s goal is to learn something new and share it! Today I learned about a new     20 week blogging course.  Check it out at

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The Other Side of the Fence…A Business Metaphor

Everyone knows the old saying, “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence….”Greener-grass

I want to challenge that thought today…. If you are the one planting the grass seed, the grass will always be green wherever you are!

So go plant seeds!  Life is what you grow!images-green grass

A business lesson from Tom Burns, Seller of things essential to life as we know it…

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Vitamins, Minerals, and Rest

A day in the life of the average worker….. (insert your life here)

Would you agree that most of us live a pretty unhealthy life?  A breakfast of doughnuts and coffee leads to jitters and mid-morning hunger or headaches.  Break-time means more coffee and a candy bar.  Lunch is all about convenience!        More sugar, salt, and fat….plus a calorie count higher than consumed by most athletes…is the average fast-food lunch.  And forget about drinking enough water!

Do you feel exhausted by mid-afternoon?  So, I’m sure most of you rush from work to the nearest gym for a good work-out …. or do you visit the gym before work….NOT!  Instead, we stay up too late watching TV and eating more unhealthy food, go to bed with indigestion and sleep poorly, and wake up feeling horrible.  We leave for work too late, drive too fast while eating that doughnut or breakfast drive-thru food, all the while risking our lives and the lives of others sharing the road.  Seriously, is this a good plan?

I’m not trying to make everyone feel guilty about their lifestyle, but hoping that my comments will make you stop and think about what you can do to lead a healthier lifestyle!  Otherwise the future looks pretty grim….diabetes, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc.

Here are some healthy breakfast ideas from the Mayo Clinic:

How much water should you drink?  Again, from the Mayo Clinic:

And how about cooking at home for a change.  When you cook, you can be in control of fat, salt, and sugar content.

If you would like help to make your kitchen “home-cooking” friendly, some on down to A-1 Appliance and see me.  I’ll show you the right equipment to make cooking easier, quicker, and healthier for your family.

phone1_1-scaled5001Three Cheers for Vitamins, Minerals, and Rest!

Healthy ideas from Tom Burns, Seller of things essential to life as we know it….





Are You Visible Or Invisible?

Can I trust you?  Who are you?  Where are you?  Who do you work for?  Where can I find out more about your product or service?  These are questions we are all asking!

And I’m asking you….”How do you answer these questions?”  How do you establish credibility and verify your identity?   This man is asking those questions:

I choose to be visible!  I believe people have come to expect transparency and visibility.  If you are invisible, then as far as they are concerned, you don’t exist!

Has privacy ceased to exist?  Of course not!  But the reality is that nearly everything we do is tracked, sold, used for marketing, or searched for by consumers.  People want to read our reviews, see what we like, share in what we know and do 24/7.

I’m reading Daniel Pink’s book “To Sell is Human.”   It’s a good read….I highly recommend it:bookcoverjpeg-e1354078407704I agree with his premise that we are all selling something!  And I believe that being a good salesperson means being visible!   So what will you choose?

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Debbie Weaver, star of the hit ABC show The Neighbors, made a profound statement in a recent episode.  She said,  “We can’t change what we are on the outside….we can only change who we are on the inside.”

It seemed like a great life lesson, and important to remember at home and at work.    So the thought for today is this:  “When people look at you, do they see the what or the who?  What can you do today to change that perception?

I’m smiling as I share this thought with you today!   By Tom Burns,  Seller of things essential to life as we know it….

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