My Favorite Front-Loading Washer

And the votes are in…..Electrolux is the winner!



I’m posting this information because I sell a lot of washers and dryers.  I’ve learned a lot from my customers about what they like and dislike.  Believe me, the washer impacts everyone in the household.  One common discussion is about vibration. Everyone agrees that a washer that shakes the whole house and moves across the room is NOT GOOD!  Here’s what Electrolux has to say about it:





Electrolux washers and dryers work with minimal vibration, which means they won’t disturb other areas of your house or apartment. So when you put them on the second floor, you won’t notice them anywhere else.

  • Perfect Balance™ System – No other washer has less vibration. State-of-the-art technology keeps even oversized loads balanced for smooth, quiet operation.
  • Washers stay in place.
  • Adjoining rooms will be quieter.
  • Ideal for second floor installation.
  • Sleeping children will not be disturbed.
  • Ground level family activities can carry on as usual.
  • Several installation options make our washers and dryers the perfect fit for any space. They can be elevated with our pedestal drawers for convenient height, stacked to save space or you can create the perfect folding space by placing a pair under a counter.
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From firsthand experience, I can tell you that this is a true statement!
Do you have more questions about washers and dryers?  If you are in the Nashville, TN area, I hope you’ll stop by our showroom for an educational experience!





By Tom Burns, Seller of things essential to life as we know it….


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