Connections: The Key to Economic Recovery

Recently a friend of mine told me he had cancelled his facebook account because he was upset with their privacy controls.  I found this very hard to understand, because like me, he is a sales professional.  Meeting new people and spreading information about my products and services is key to my success.  I found this article that supports my point:


Social Media influences customer-buying habits


“It is no secret that the two main social media sites, Facebookand Twitter, are influencing not only the way we communicate and connect but make decisions. Is it possible that social media is transforming our decision-making and even information seeking abilities? Absolutely! According to Chadwick Martin Bailey, the author of a recent study in connection with iModerate Research Technologies, discovered that consumers are “67% more likely to buy from brands they follow on Twitter, and 51% more likely to buy from a brand they follow on Facebook.”  These facts and figures are important due to the implications for corporations and companies having an online presence.

Considering, companies that take the time to devote resources and attention to developing an online presence, especially a social media presence, will not only have a competitive edge but an ability to connect with the new social media generation and demographic. Research shows that now customers and potential customers are using the feedback on Facebook, via fan pages and wall posts, and the updates from Twitter about companies to make purchase decisions.  According to the same study and, “79% are more likely to recommend those that follow them on Twitter to a friend, and 60% more likely to do the same on Facebook.” So what’s that mean for Louisville area businesses?

This study reveals the vital importance of purchase decisions and influences from social media outlets. The study also revealed “perceptions among consumers that those brands not engaging in social media are out of touch.” As I have mentioned in previous stories, the Greater Louisville Area is a public relations and advertising hub. This collection of agencies brings many opportunities for business to seek professional consulting in social media utilization to improve company revenue and advertising. Many Louisville businesses have already taken advantage of these statistics found in this study-now the question becomes will you?”

When you are looking for a good restaurant, do you consult the Yellow Pages, or do you log onto foursquare?

When you are considering a purchase, of virtually ANYTHING, do you drive to various outlets or spend the day at the mall?  No, you google it.  Chances are very good that if your friends have recommendations, it will show up in google results.

When you have a question, do you ask a parent or trusted advisor, or do you post it on facebook?

Read any good books lately, or seen an amazing movie?  Where do you share it? Twitter, of course!

If you have had especially good service from a company or really like their products, do you Like their facebook page and share it?  Of course you do…’re looking for stuff to post on your wall, aren’t you?

I love to learn about new things, places, and products.  I want to hear about new movies and news events.  I want to read new business blogs, and learn new social media tactics. Where do I find these things?  FROM MY CONNECTIONS!!!  

I value your experience and knowledge!  You go places and see things that I don’t have time to see and do!  Keep posting…..because I’m reading!

You can connect with me on various social media sites at http

Remember….your connections are AWESOME!  Thank a friend, like their page, share their tweets, and tell us what YOU discovered today!

By Tom Burns, Seller of things essential to life as we know it….





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