Dishwasher Problems?

Is your dishwasher not cleaning as well as it used to?  Part of the problem has to do with reformulated dishwashing detergent.  In combination with this, hard water is sometimes a problem.

I recently found an amazing solution in the grocery store aisle.  The product is called “LemiShine.”

You can read about it at

I was amazed at the results after just one use!  The haze was gone from my glassware, and the stainless steel interior of my dishwasher looked brand new!

However, if something in your dishwasher needs repair, A-1 Appliance can help.  We have a service department ready to assist you, conveniently located in our showroom.  You can also schedule service 24 hours a day on our website at

You may also be thinking, “should I repair or replace?”   If you would like my assistance in looking at a new dishwasher, please call or come by.  I’ll do my best to help!


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