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Special Culinary Center Invitation Edition from A-1

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A-1 Appliance | Delights for your home | From the wonderful world of appliances
You are cordially invited to the highly anticipated Culinary Sales Event at A-1 Appliance August 20-27. This exclusive invitation to save thousands features the most advanced technology ever created for the kitchen, the new Jenn-Air® Culinary Center.
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Jenn-Air® has been a highly trusted American brand for decades. The addition of the Culinary Center Wall Oven has shifted attention from traditional luxury brands to this sleek, technology-driven experience designed to deliver chef-like meals with little effort. See a 30-second video tour of the Jenn-Air® Culinary Center.
spacer.gif Triple Savings On Luxury Is Truly A Rare Event spacer.gif
During the Culinary Sales Event, homeowners can expect significant savings on select Jenn-Air® appliances, including a rebate of $4098 and a $1000 installation allowance. A-1 is also extending the warranties on these appliances for another full year to customers who purchase during the event. This triple savings offer is available for one week only.

And we have to tell you that we never see pricing rebates like this on a luxury line of kitchen appliances. What makes this even more inviting is the fact that the intuitive touch-screen technology of the Culinary Center places these products in a special category of luxury. For people who don’t know about this luxury line, it is a great price point for a luxury kitchen even before these special offers. The consumer satisfaction combined with luxury at these prices is something you have to see and experience yourself.

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The Centerpiece of New Kitchen Technology
Now that you know about the culinary sales event at A-1, I thought I’d give you some details on the Jenn® Air Culinary Center.

The culinary center is part of a double wall oven and it features a seven-inch, full color touch anywhere LCD display. This is the largest display in the industry! You can see full color images of hundreds of different dishes, and then select what you’re cooking, your desired doneness and the type of cookware you’re using. It does the rest. It calibrates the ideal cooking time and temperature based on the preferences you selected.

The oven control is so innovative that it makes adjustments depending on the different shapes and materials of cookware that you use. It intuitively knows that cast iron needs more bottom heat than a disposable baking pan, so it adjusts accordingly. Now that’s innovation!

It even gives you advice for preparation, pan usage, position and temperature probe placement. It’s so amazing it gives you suggestions for proper resting time for different types of meat, so you’ll be sure to serve your meal at the perfect temperature and degree of doneness.

The Jenn-Air® Culinary Center is truly a dream come true; with this technology anybody can cook like a pro. Even experienced chefs can appreciate the innovation that it offers. It’s truly the centerpiece of new kitchen technology. I would be remissed if I didn’t encourage you to take advantage of this great deal from A-1. Hope you enjoy this wall oven and its extraordinary technology.

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spacer.gif A Special Invitation to Industry Professionals

The Culinary Sales Event will highlight the most advanced kitchen technology in appliance history, the Jenn-Air® Culinary Center. A Jenn-Air® Culinary Demo Event will be held on Aug. 26 from 3:00-5:00pm, giving kitchen designers, remodelers, and home builders the opportunity to see exactly how the Culinary Center works.

This new Jenn-Air® line has become the hottest selling product line in years. “Jenn-Air® took appliance performance in the home to a completely new level,” says Steve Scherer of A-1 Appliance. “The product is dynamic as homeowners can now cook with chef-like accuracy, and the response from consumers has been beyond our expectations. The touch screen guides and visuals on the oven are beyond anything we have ever been able to offer. It’s a new day as homeowners will cook dishes they never thought possible.”

This exclusive event for industry professionals will include a pleasant amount of food and drink including the presence of two representatives from Jenn-Air. The afternoon event is a come-and-go affair with specific discussion and demonstration about the Culinary Center and its ease of use. Please visit A-1’s facebook page and if you want to notify us in advance of your participation, please click on the event section and reply.

A-1 Appliance | 5410 Harding Road | Nashville, TN 37205
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Laundry Delights for Your Home from A-1 Appliance

A-1 Appliance | Delights for your home | From the wonderful world of appliances
The biggest laundry loads of the year may be knocking on your door as many families dive into the new school season. Whether you are searching for brands like Whirlpool and Electrolux or you just want some helpful tips in the laundry department, take a break and discover great insights on quick laundry, steam, and some buying tips. Enjoy!
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Wash and Dry in 29 Minutes
If you’ve ever been in a bind and needed to wash clothes in a hurry, like last-minute school uniforms before you drop the kids off, you’ll appreciate the new laundry collection from Electrolux. With the Perfect Steam™ Washer and Perfect Steam™ Dryer you can wash and dry your clothes in 29 minutes (that’s 29 minutes to wash AND dry!). Get the laundry done while the kids are eating breakfast and the clothes will be ready before you are. Learn More.Steam; the New Way to Dry
New technology is emerging every day in the appliance world, and the latest is using steam to reduce wrinkles while drying clothes. Frigidaire’s Ready Steam™ dryers are among the most economical brands that use this method. Learn More.
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Top Questions to Ask Before Buying Laundry Appliances If you’re in the market for a new washer or dryer, there are some important things you need to think about. You’ll need to ask yourself a few simple questions to figure out exactly what type of machine you need.. . . Learn More
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Quick and Healthy Lunch Box Ideas Summer fun is just about over and back to school shopping has begun. It’s time to think about packing school lunches, so I thought it would be fitting to give you some quick and easy lunch ideas that are healthy too.Instead of always opting for sandwiches, think about making some wraps with whole wheat tortillas. You can fill them with lean cold cuts, low fat cream cheese and veggies or peanut butter and jelly. Burritos and quesadillas are also great alternatives to traditional sandwiches. You can fill the whole wheat tortillas with rice, refried or black beans, salsa, chicken or vegetables. Whole grain bagels with a low fat vegetable cream cheese spread is also a great option.Some great snack ideas for lunch boxes are unsweetened apple sauce, raisins, dried cranberries or cherries. Fruit is always a great choice. You can pack an apple, banana or some seedless grapes. If your kids like dips, you can pack hummus, yogurt or low fat sour cream with carrots or celery sticks. Trail mix, cottage cheese, yogurt smoothies and low fat cheese spread on whole wheat crackers are also great options. Baked chips, pretzels, and low fat popcorn are better alternatives than high-fat potato chips and cheese snacks.Plain water is always best, but if your kids want something different every once in awhile, there are some sensible options. Drinks made from water, but have a splash of fruit juice might add some variety to your child’s lunch. These drinks are much healthier than soda.I hope these quick and easy lunch ideas are helpful. Not only are they healthy, but they taste great, so their bound to be a hit with your kids. Hope you have a great school year!
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Twists, Turns and Trends for Home Furnishings in 2012
The road map to color for home furnishings in 2012 is filled with interesting new directions. Some paths lead to exhilarating tones and novel color combinations, while others display the more classic hues in a different kind of “mix”. The continuing challenge and goal will be in keeping the consumer visually engaged by blending the playful with the practical. To reach that destination, color is the compass.On Wednesday August 17 at 11:00 AM CST, Pantone will hold a live webinar to reveal the color trends for Home Furnishings in 2012. … Learn More.
spacer.gif A Special Offer to Our Email Newsletter Friends $377 for this Bosch Clothes Dryer–MSRP is $999!
(stock# WTVC4300US)For this price the extra features you get are:

  • Stainless Steel drum won’t rust or stain like a painted drum
  • One of the quietest dryers made
  • Saves money by using EcoAction – 10% less energy means
    less money needed to buy electricity
  • Dryer Rack for tennis shoes and extra delicate items is included

Don’t delay– we only have 11 at this price.

A-1 Appliance | 5410 Harding Road | Nashville, TN 37205
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Personal Branding

One of my co-workers found this video and shared it in our sales meeting this morning. I laughed all the way through it! And everyone else did too!

Then the fun started…. All day long my co-workers would say “Tom Burns” in a funny voice as they passed me on the sales floor. Some of them have android or iphones, so with “hand in pocket” they would be standing near me and press “play” on the video and I would start hearing my name!

Of course, as soon as the meeting ended I immediately posted the video to twitter, facebook, and linkedin, and e-mailed it to my family!

What a great way to help people remember you! Can you think of ways you might use such a video?

Your first look at Sub-Zero’s newest refrigerators

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Your first look at the newest products from Sub-Zero
Many homeowners and designers desire a high performance ice and water dispenser without the visible dispenser on the door. Sub-Zero has reconfigured two of its largest built-in, side-by-side models to provide chilled water and ice inside the refrigerator – an industry first. Available in 42″ and 48″ widths, these two new models join the already expansive product line from the company that keeps redefining home refrigeration.

Available January 2012.

arrow.jpg 42″ Model Features and Specs arrow.jpg 48″ Model Features and Specs
spacer.jpg Our showrooms are ready to serve you and your clients

Our showroom staff is your personal concierge, ready to guide you on a hands-on tour of Sub-Zero and Wolf products in full-scale kitchen vignettes. Combine that with ongoing product training, demonstrations and networking opportunities, and you can see why our showrooms are one of the best tools of the trade.

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spacer.jpg Get the best specifications in the industry

All the specs you need, in one place. Our specification library includes comprehensive specs, installation guides, and 2-D and 3-D CAD files. You can even download specs on a mobile device.

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The History Of A Great Appliance Company

I recently had the opportunity to see the manufacturing process for Sub-Zero and Wolf Appliances.

I was most impressed by the fact that every single product is fully tested before it is shipped. In fact, more time is spent in quality control and testing than the time needed to build each appliance. This company is truly dedicated to making the most dependable appliances available!

Every day I work with consumers who ask me, “Which brand is most dependable?” In today’s economy I can understand why. Everyone wants to be sure they are making a wise purchase decision.

I thought it would be interesting to share the company history here, and then invite you to see these amazing products in “The Living Kitchen” at A-1 Appliance.