How do you like your kitchen?

For many families, the kitchen is “grand central station.”  It is the central hub of the home, where everyone passes through on the way to school or work, where pictures and messages are left on the refrigerator, and where holidays are celebrated.  It is also a place where great memories are created.  Is your kitchen up to the task?  Take the poll and tell everyone about your amazing kitchen, or what you would do to make it the perfect hub for your family.

I’ll start with my oldest memory of childhood.  We didn’t have a dishwasher, or a microwave.  We had a 40″ electric range and a small, standard refrigerator.  We had a large freezer in the basement….and we had a garden in the backyard.  Throughout the summer, that meant lots of digging, planting, weeding, watering, and harvesting.  Then, Mom’s work began and she did lots of canning.  Mom loved to cook, but it wasn’t as easy as it is today.  Everything was made from scratch.  My memories are of great home cooked meals.  As for my current kitchen, I need new appliances and more space…..but then, don’t we all?


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