Breaking News!

“My dishwasher is leaking!” “My refrigerator has stopped cooling and my food has spoiled!” “I have clothes in the washer and it won’t spin–I need service fast!” These are words that the A-1 Appliance service department hear every day, and we are committed to delivering the best service possible when you call us. However, sometimes service is not recommended if the appliance is very old or the cost of repair is high.

Stop by the A-1 Appliance showroom and let me show you how you can replace that old, worn out appliance with a new model that is more energy efficient, easier to use, and more dependable than ever before. If you like, you can visit us on youtube. Check out this video:


One response to “Breaking News!

  1. This is awesome, Tom – I look forward to reading the great information you post about appliances and related subjects…hoping for some good recipes from the appliance demos A-1 holds!

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